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Tea from Taiwan
As in all Asian cultures, tea plays a very important role in Taiwan, especially Oolong is well known as tea from Taiwan. Especially the Alishan mountains are famous for the tea plantations and the tea grown there. The highest quality Oolong tea comes today from Taiwan. One of them is the Dong Ding Oolong.

Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, so in comparison to black fully fermented tea and green non-fermented tea, it is located in the middle. It smells slightly flowery and has a fruity-soft, aromatic taste.

In our offer, you will find loose Oolong teas, such as the Dong Ding, which belongs to Peter Oppliger Selection. Also, teas of the ATon plantation belong to our offer. Fine blends with rose petals or mint, for example. These teas are packed in tea bags for quick and easy brewing.

Oolong has been appreciated for its properties for a long time. Because it helps to burn fat. A real wellness tea.

Tea from Taiwan: a special treat for special moments.