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To enjoy good tea, not only good leaves are needed. Good, soft water, the right temperature and other tea accessories are also very important for a good tea time.

At salacca you will find beautiful original Korean tea cups made of Celadon porcelain. These cups consist of the cup itself as well as a sieve and a lid. salacca offers these cups in the design lotus or crane. If you’d like to enjoy your tea the original asian way these cups are a must.

Furthermore, salacca offers 5-minute sand glasses: for a perfect black tea! Just boil water and turn the glass upside down as soon as you infused your tea. It is ready as soon as the sand ran through the glass.

Tea thermometers are also extremely practical as tea accessories when it comes to making good tea. While most green teas like water around 60 degrees, it can be hotter for black tea.