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Oolong Tea at salacca

Another tea variety that has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years is Oolong tea. This tea has its origin in China. Meanwhile, it is also cultivated with great success in other Asian countries like Taiwan.

Oolong is translated as “black dragon” or “black snake”, which is probably due to the fact that the tea in the cup takes on a very dark color. It differs from green and black tea also by the length of the fermentation. Its duration lies between that of green tea and black tea and is therefore also called semi-oxidized tea. Its taste is rather close to that of green tea.

This tea can also be brewed several times like green and black tea. Each infusion has a different meaning: the first infusion produces the “tea of good smell”, the second the “tea of good taste” and the third finally is called “tea of long friendship”. This tea also contains caffeine.