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Korean tea – here you will find exclusive varieties
Tea from Korea has an almost as old tradition as Japanese tea. Green Korean tea no longer has to shy away from comparison with green tea from Japan. Meanwhile the varieties Daejak Jukro or Jaksul and Jungjak have found numerous followers among our customers.

But also herbal teas and fruit teas from Korea are very popular. Have you ever tried lotus tea? Its special mildness and sweetness will inspire you. Korean tea is often used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Ginseng granules are also often used. The positive health properties of ginseng root have been known for a long time.

Also further Korean tea is in our assortment. Persimmon leaf tea, hydrangea tea, Oolong tea, mistletoe tea, black soybean tea. Also mulberry leaf tea, ginger tea and many other special varieties are included. Citrus fruits pickled in honey are a special pleasure. Let us inspire you. These teas are very special drinks that suit every occasion.