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Fruit Tea & Herbal Tea
A delicious pleasure and a nice alternative to juice.
Fruit tea as well as herbal tea is strictly speaking called tea-like infusion drink. Only tea from the tea plant is called tea.

Exactly the absence of the tea plant in the drink makes this tea a popular drink for connoisseurs. Because these teas contain no caffeine and can therefore be enjoyed all day, even in the evening.
Fruit tea healthy ?
100% white lotus tea, mulberry tea, schizandra tea, hibiscus tea, chrysanthemum tea, buckwheat tea, bellflower tea and many more belong to our range of fruit teas and herbal teas – all of the finest quality and specially selected by the best suppliers in Asia.

These teas have been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine for many centuries for certain ailments such as high blood pressure, digestive problems, high cholesterol, fat burning and much more.

Herbal tea in the broadest sense also includes drinks from roots such as ginseng extract. In traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, ginseng is used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, chronic fatigue or reduced performance and fatigue, to name just a few.

Fruit & herbal tea is not only a pleasure in the cold winter months. Also as iced tea during the warm months in spring and summer, fruit tea and herbal tea are highly recommended. They offer a low-calorie alternative to juice. Simply brew and leave to cool in the fridge. In addition, simply add fresh herbs such as peppermint or other fruits such as lemon slices or cucumber slices to offer a little variety. Add a few ice cubes and the perfect summer drink is ready.

But if you don’t want to do without the taste of juice in your drink, simply mix your herbal tea with it. A calorie-conscious decision that also offers a very wide range of different tastes. Have you ever tried cold hibiscus tea with orange juice? Gojitee with apple juice is also a treat.