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Japanese Tea – buy now at Salacca
Japanese tea and the Japanese tea tradition is one of the oldest in the world. The drink, which once came from China, came to Japan with the spread of Buddhism. Since then the tea has been cultivated here to a special quality.

Japanese culture is becoming more and more popular in Europe. The simple lifestyle as well as the Japanese tea tradition fascinate everywhere.

Whether green tea or Matcha, Japanese tea is regarded as healing and purifying the mind.

At salacca you will find various varieties of the best teas from Japan. The green teas were specially curated by Peter Oppliger, the tea philosopher.
Tea tradition in Japan
Tea has a special meaning in Japan. It is often prepared in tea ceremonies, which are subject to fixed rules. Traditional crockery is as much a part of it as certain japanese tea for certain occasions.
Health benefits of japanese tea
The best known tea is green tea, which has many health benefits. Besides its calming effect on body and mind, it strengthens the immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it is a healthy alternative to coffee, as it is just as stimulating due to the teaine it contains, but retains its effect longer than caffeine.